Thursday, 19 January 2012


So this is my second post on experimental nail ideas, which means I must be finding the art of painting my nails very therapeutic at the moment! Anyway today I decided to try a dual colour look. Maroon being one of my favourite nail colours I chose to base the look around deep reds. Firstly I applied a base coat (as no-one wants permanently stained nails.) Then I chose a browny red and painted half of all my nails in this colour, I then applied a second coat after which I filled the un-painted side with my other colour (maroon red) and Viola! I purposely chose 2 colours that were fairly similar to create a more subtle look but im sure it would work just as well with 2 completely different colours to create a bold look!
Red: Rimmel no:320          Brown: 17 Cocoa Cabanna

Above our some images that I found of inspirational nail ideas that I will definitely have to try out sometime. Although I think I may need to start investing in a few more nail colours and a nail art pen! 

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