Thursday, 2 February 2012


I know it has only just turned February but I cant help but get excited by the trickle of summer dresses that already seem to be popping up in the high street shops! And as much as I love the layered winter look I am definitely looking forward to the simplicity of just a floaty summers dress and sandals. Anyway this got me reminiscing about my last summer and a little visit to London that I took with my sisters. Below are some of my snaps from the day and you can really see how the sun does make everything look so much better!
Dress: Topshop      Shoes: Neiman Marcus      Nail Varnish: H&M      Sunglasses: Topshop

I love the girls floaty skirt in the photo above, such a great colour. So anyone else already thinking about the summer!...



  1. Nice pictures :) And I love that summer outfit!

    1. Hi, thanks! I know I really love the dress...cant wait till the weather gets a bit warmer. Just took a look at your blog, great pictures of the snow. I am now following you!

      LS X