Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Happy mid week to you all! In the south of England the sun has continued to 'keep its hat on' and many Brits, including myself are slowly daring to wear fewer layers. I have also noted that this is the second day in a row that I have opted for stripes, as there just seems the be a certain summery playfulness with the choice of pattern, a perfect choice for our current weather. Another great thing that I love about stripes is that I really do believe they suit everyone, admittedly depending on your size and shape you could be better suited to a striped top rather than striped trousers, but once you've figured out how the pattern can best work for you it wont be long till your sporting the effortlessly chic spring look! Below i've found some of the newly added highstreet stripes. 

Also if you haven't already noticed my pastel obsession from my previous post then you soon will. Yesterday I purchased the Topshop Milkshake (105) nail colour, which looks fairly nice in the photo below, however I cant help but feel slightly let down by this nail varnish as the colour is much more harsh then it appears in the bottle. Unlike many of my other Topshop nail colours, this one is also quite streaky and definitely requires 2 coats. So my nail varnish advice for the future would be to test a nail varnish colour by painting a whole nail rather than just applying a splodge as this will not show up streakyness neither will it give the overall colour effect.
Sunglasses: Thailand   Top: Matalan   Shorts: New Look   Boots: New Look   Nail Varnish: Topshop (105)
Night, night.


Monday, 19 March 2012


Hello! Wow it's been a while since my last post but I decided that it was better to abandon ship temporarily rather than attempting some half-hearted, rushed posts. Over the past few weeks I have endured many all-nighters, countless cans of red bull and the library had become my second home. But I am happy to inform you that my DISSERTATION is finally done and dusted! I just hope it was all worth it, and now I can finally least for a while anyway (until my next deadline!) After handing in our dissertations, my friends and I took it upon us to embrace the lovely weather and our freedom from work with copious amounts of Pimms and girly chats. The weather, showing promise of sunshine has led me to digging through my wardrobe to find outfits that hint of summer but still keep me warm, as lets face it, it may be getting sunny but we're still far from bikini temperatures. Things like maxi skirts, and jumpsuits are perfect for this weather.
Dress (worn as skirt): New Look    Top: Arc    Jacket: Topshop    Shoes: New Look    Bag: Stead & Simpson