Monday, 9 January 2012


Today was deadline day, and I literally feel almost dead as it's been a hellish few days of last minute project work. BUT now it's over and i'm FREE(well apart from my dissertation...) but I feel that I deserve at least a days break so tomorrow my friend and I are hitting the shops for a bit of RETAIL THERAPY. In preparation I have been scouting a few websites for a new bag and below are some of my faves that I came across. Typically I was looking for more of a holdall/larger bag yet my favourite one is the MINI HANDBAG from TOPSHOP. The colour is gorgeous and the price is pretty appealing to...wonder if it will fit a laptop and sketchbooks in it....Always the way, when your looking for something specific instead you find something amazing BUT that you don't need.   

Nighty Night


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