Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So today I joined the gym, which for me would normally be very shocking but since I committed to climbing 3 mountains in March I thought I should at least give myself a fighting chance and see what the gym could do for me. In the past I have been very much anti-gym memberships as I've always felt that if you want to go running, why not do it the traditional way...without a machine. However my eyes have been opened today and i've finally seen the appeal and the point...the gym to me is like an intimidating guilty conscious. Yes I could easily go out running the traditional way but the chances are i'd be back home on the sofa within 10 minutes, whereas with a gym full of sweaty people you cant help but feel shameful if you leave in under an hour. I'll let you know how long this lasts for me... Anyway this got me thinking about what I should wear to the I know it's not a fashion parade but I do feel that a well thought out sports outfit will only aid my gym sessions further.


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