Thursday, 12 January 2012


Today I hit the sales and was feeling particularly flush as my student loan had just come through, as it's the 1 of 2 times in a year that my bank account isn't in the negative so I of course had to make the most of it. Now that we are nearing the second week of the new year I was expecting the remaining sales to consist of left over tat but unfortunately for my bank account their were still some gems left among the shops. Although I normally do majority of my sales shopping on boxing day or the few days following christmas. I have now seen the advantages of waiting an extra week or two.
  • The stores are less busy in comparison with the sales straight after Christmas
  • Tend to make more rational purchases as you get less caught up in the 'Buy now because it's cheap' state of mind.
  • Reductions are usually ongoing, so new stock is often added to sales or will possibly get further reduced as time goes on.
Although there are of course negatives to leaving sales shopping later such as:

  • The best items go the fastest.
  • Smallest sizes often sell first.   

 Shoes: Newlook £10 
Watch: Urban Outfitters £18

Head Band: Urban Outfitters £5

Cards: WHSmith £3.99
Picture Frame: Urban Outfitters £5

 Skirt: Topshop £15 

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